01 October 2008

oy! where's that "peace" shit at?

Okay. Not much peace to be found here at Young apartment.

I was a complete grouch all day yesterday. Just had this one very persistent stormcloud that hovered over my head and I could not shake it.

At one point in my day, Blue had said she was hungry (about a billion times it seemed) so I stuck a hotdog in the microwave. Then I ran into the bathroom just to be alone for a second. I sat on the edge of the tub and took a few deep breaths, thinking how sad that my bathroom is the only place in the apartment I am ever alone--and that is only when I put my foot down and close the door in the Lion's face. I decided therefore I must have a very beautiful, spa-like bathroom in the next house.

The microwave beeped about 30 seconds into my retreat and Lion knocked on the bathroom door.

"Mommy, it's beeping."
"Mommy, it's beeping."
"Mommy, it's beeping."
"Mommy, it's--"

"I know, Lion. Mommy will be out in a minute, okay?"

So Lion stood outside my bathroom door and imitated a microwave:

"Beeeeeeep ... Beeeeeeeep ... Beeeeeeeep ..."

until I came out.

No wonder inner peace eludes me.

Jonathan was my savior, as usual. After dinner, he loaded the kids and me into the Pilot and drove us to Cherry Creek State Park. Which is only about 5 minutes up the road from our apartment. He spread a beach towel out on the sand and I lay on it by the lake, listening to the sounds of the water lapping and ducks honking and my children laughing. And my soul healed.

It was so beautiful there. We watched the beginning of the sunset over the mountains and we looked for these little teeny tiny shells in the sand. I think they are adorable. Maybe I'll put a jar of them in my future spa-like bathroom. It is going to have to be a very small jar.

So, for now, it comforts me a little to think that even though peace is on backorder in Young apartment, it can be found just minutes away in Cherry Creek State Park.


Kristen said...

yeah, I'm with you. So much so that I really don't have anything to add.
I'm glad you have a park nearby to escape to. I just pull the covers over my head (literally) and pretend I am far far away.

Erin Snyder said...

I love your thoughts sometimes Erin. I laugh not because it's funny but because you own it, reveal it and cherish them. You must be a great mom and it cracks me up that your son did the beep beep beep. It sounds like something you would have done as a child!!! :)

Roxanna said...

I am sure we have all been they or are on your way there. Tim and I miss you guys

Lesley Jones said...

that is soooooo hilarious. I sooooo understand... I don't know how many times I have slammed the bathroom door in the face of one of my children. my favorite is when I am going #2 and Lily just stands at the door "but I just want to come in and give you a hug"... gross kid... give me 5 minutes!