29 September 2008

a new earth

Jonathan is amused. I am currently reading A New Earth. And talking at length about each chapter as I finish reading it. He listens and he nods and he even discusses the ideas in the book with me ... but I know he is amused. Because I have always been so judgmental about self-help books.

I have always been so judgmental period. And I want to stop that crap now. Right now. So let me just roll my eyes at myself one last time because I am reading this book that Oprah has been ranting about for so long now, this book that has become such a phenomenon. Because I am such a follower. Oprah says "Jump!" and I say, "How high?"

And that's it. No more Judgy MacJudgerson. Not gonna go there. Anymore.


Because this book, this Oprah recommendation, is really interesting.

I have become very intrigued by the idea of inner peace.

(Are you laughing at me?) Zen. Salvation. Call it whatever you want. I want it. I want to be a serene, happy, peaceful, peace-filled, nonjudgmental, accepting, loving person. I want to love everyone. Not just my friends and family. Not just my fellow Democrats. Not just Weezer. Not just Jane Austen fans.

I want to love everyone.


Olivia said...

I too have this book so don't feel bad. I have not read it yet but I will soon. :D

girlysmack said...

I love you.

And not just because you are my friend and also have this book and are a Democrat and a Jane Austen fan. I just freakin' love you.

Retainer Girl said...

"I love you, man."
"I know."
"No. I mean I really love you."
"Just say 'thank you.'"

Olivia said...

Patherine, what is that quote from? :D

Sarah said...

I haven't read this one yet, but it's on the "to read" list. Trying to get through Anna Karenina now (another Oprah suggested read!). Eat, Pray, Love helped me to stop being so judgmental. It also made me realize that I must lighten my pessismistic attitude and feel more positive about my life (and others) in general. Phew, my life really changed after that book! You'll have to let us know how A New Earth works for you.

Retainer Girl said...

"Wayne's World!!!" One of the greatest movies of all time.

girlysmack said...

I love the book Eat, Pray, Love! I think that's what sparked my quest for inner peace. Well, that and a couple yoga classes.

Oh, and I love you all.

Anonymous said...

I chose Eat Pray Love for my book group. And didn't finish it. Which was pretty awful since I chose it. But I don't recall that it was life altering. Maybe because I tend to read book group books at the (very) last minute. As in skim. Guess I should attempt it again.......


Erin Snyder said...

Ok if you find inner peace and I buy some and do they sell it on e-bay? :) I applaud you and let me know how the book is, I've heard lots about it and can some what weary. Must be in our name! To funny, I couldn't finish Eat, Pray Love either. Maybe I need to give it another chance too!!!

Sarah said...

I always get books from the library b/c I am too cheap to buy them, and after reading less than than 5 pages of Eat, Pray, Love, I knew I had to buy the book. It's a book to savor, digest slowly, and let it sit with you a while. Ruminate on it, if you will. Give it another try. I read it while I was in a dark period of life, so my reason for picking it up was the hope that it might help to brighten my future. That might have had something to do with my perception of it.