30 October 2008

three things

1. After waiting in line for about an hour so Mommy and Daddy could vote, after being shushed a million times, after waiting another fifteen minutes for Mommy and Daddy to cast their votes, Blue was so confused when we left the library. "Hey! I thought we were going on a boat?!"

2. I need to watch my mouth around the Lion: "Where is my freakin' Spider-Man PEZ? Where the heck is it?"

3. The bank accepted our counteroffer and we will close on Glenbogle on November 14th and pay $10,000 less than we thought we would!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

I love the boat misunderstanding, love the Jack-impersonating-you-spiel, love that you're paying less for the house than you thought, and, love all the pics of the house! YAY! :)