31 October 2008

happy halloween!

Blue got to wear her Princess Jasmine costume to dance class this morning. And then to Target, because we had to pick up a couple things before heading home. I told her, "Everyone in Target will say, Oh my goodness! Princess Jasmine is shopping in Target!" As soon as we entered the store, Blue turned to me and said sadly, "No one is saying it, Mommy!"

That blurry snapshot was the best I could get because Spider-Man
had a little trouble standing still:

I match my Spider-Man PEZ!

See? I match my Spider-Man PEZ, Mommy!

But the cutest thing of all? The fact that he kept saying, "Cheese!" from behind his mask. Maybe he's smiling inside there?

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Roxanna said...

Wow that is so cute I love it!