03 November 2008

one day left...

I will probably not get much sleep tonight. But for some reason, I haven't been sleeping that well lately anyway, so that is nothing new. Unfortunately.

But I am so nervous and excited about Election Day.

Jonathan is taking tomorrow off and has volunteered so he will be out and about all day. I told him to pick up an Obama sign after the polls close, if he can. We already have a couple that the campaign sent us, but one from the polling location would be neat.

Funny side story. We have an Obama/Biden magnet on the side of our fridge that the campaign sent us after Jonny sent a contribution. We also have a cute little Obama finger puppet/magnet on there that Kurt and Elizabeth sent us. My mom was in the kitchen and she asked, "Where did you get this?" Meaning the cute little finger puppet. And Jonathan was in the other room and was like, "Oh, we got that in the mail after contributing to the campaign." And my Mom was all like, "And they sent you that?"

Which would have been hilarious if it were true. But the little finger puppet/magnet came in a housewarming package from Kurt and Elizabeth along with some other funny trinkets, like a Jane Austen magnet, a box of Office Space flair and some of Kurt's brilliant articles from the Free-Lance Star because, as Elizabeth so rightly said, "Nothing says thinking of you like a box of tschochkes."

So the Lion and I ran some errands today, and we bought Daddy an Obama tshirt to wear tomorrow while he is out volunteering. We plan to eventually turn the basement of Glenbogle house into a fun hang-out, complete with the ubiquitous pool table, and display all of our Democratic mementos down there. So that will be the future home of the little Obama finger puppet.

I plan to spend the day at home with the kids tomorrow, watching MSNBC all day long. I have bought some Smirnoff Ice because Target was out of Mike's Hard Lemonade (but I may have to make another trip out to find myself some dang lemonade because the Ices are just not cutting it) and I made spinach dip tonight so I can munch on that and watch the numbers come in tomorrow evening.

Jonathan is on such a high. He is so excited and claims that there is virtually no way McCain can win. I, on the other hand, am much more nervous and fearful of some kind of upset. I am still confused about how Bush managed to wrestle the election away from Gore in 2000 so I am sure that sneaky politicians could find a way to steal this election away from Obama if necessary. Somehow. But. If/when Obama becomes the first African-American elected president tomorrow, I will cry with joy.

In the meantime, I have been making spinach dip. And weeping over the death of Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, the night before her grandson possibly wins the election and makes history.

And chewing off all of my fingernails.

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CindyLou said...

I am nervous as all get out too. I can't wait for tonight to be over with already, and I hope the results are good.