07 November 2008

chew your food!

Jonathan and I just love biting off more than we can chew. Case in point: Glenbogle house.

It is going to take a lot of work to get this house livable. Much less looking awesome.

I think this blog will become a "home improvement" blog before long.

"ET" was on television last night and Jonny and I were watching the end of it and it hit both of us that the house Elliot's family lives in looks a lot like Glenbogle house. Totally dated. And he asked me (Jonathan, not Elliot) if I will be happy there. Because, to be honest, it is not the sort of house I pictured myself falling in love with. I always imagined myself living in a very old house. Not a house from the late seventies. With cat pee saturated orange shag carpet:
and a horrible faux stone wall:And have we mentioned the ... sunroom ... that looks like a Denny's restaurant attached to the back of the house?

But who can explain love? I love this house. And not only will we make it habitable again, we will make it fabulous.

So back to the biting off more than we can chew part. Guess who volunteered our new home for his office Christmas party in mid December? That's right. My husband. And at first I was all excited and full of party plans. And then we realized we will have just moved in and not even finished unpacking, much less painting and who knows if we will have appliances or even floors installed yet... So Jonny called his boss and was like, "Um, yeah, hi. I think we will have to rethink the office Christmas party thing..."

Which brings me to Thanksgiving. We close on the house on Friday the 14th (our 10-year anniversary!) and will try to have flooring and appliances put in by the end of the month so we can vacate this apartment by December 1st. And Thanksgiving is somewhere in the middle there. And I have decided to try and have our very first Thanksgiving in Glenbogle house this year rather than going to a restaurant and having our first Glenbogle Thanksgiving next year. Maybe sitting Indian-style on the bare (hopefully non-cat pee smelling) subfloors with paper plates. But I am very excited about this idea. I plan to pack all of the kitchen items I will need for Thanksgiving in a specially-marked box so I can find everything I need. And not make a ton of food, since there are only 4 of us, but just the basics: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie...

And I was lying in bed the other night, just giggling as Jonathan and I predicted that all of my elaborate plans will probably come down to a box of Stove Top stuffing and those instant mashed potato flakes! So, we'll see...

He is doing okay today. Sad. But okay. But, like I said, Tante Inge had been very ill. It's just hard because the last time we saw her she was fine. We never saw her ill. We were so far removed from the situation that it feels very sudden to us.

Tante Inge's birthday is on November 29th so we were thinking of celebrating her life on that day. I will make her apfelkuchen and Jonathan volunteered to make some spaetzle (again, in Glenbogle house, so we shall see if this comes to fruition!) but we plan to go to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster because Tante Inge loved butterflies. So we should at the very least get to the pavilion even if the apfelkuchen and spaetzle have to wait until next year!

Thank you, everybody, for your kind words and prayers. It means a lot to Jonathan. And to me.


Kristen said...

a sunroom could be so much fun! Even if it does look like Dennys. :)

Retainer Girl said...

Holy crap. You DO have a Denny's in the back of your house!