06 November 2008

sad news

Herbert and Inge Helmbold
celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in May 2006

Jonathan's Tante Inge passed away today in her sleep. Isn't it crazy how life can send you such an amazingly incredible emotional high and then a tragedy that causes you to crash back down to earth?

Tante Inge was very ill so this is news we have been dreading. But sort of expecting. But still completely devastating.

I don't know what I believe about what happens to our souls after we die, but I do know that I will probably "talk" to Inge a lot now and that she will be watching over the children and Jonathan and I from wherever she is now. I am so thankful for the times I got to spend with her. Our visit with them in Germany during our honeymoon. And that she showed me how to make her apfelkuchen. And that she got to meet "her boy" Jonathan's children.


Anonymous said...

These last few months have been so tough for her. At least that is over for her now.....But still, it's so sad, I grew so fond of her. Her demeanor was always so sweet.


Olivia said...

I am so sorry for your loss. She sounded like an amazing lady. My prayers are with you and yours.

Roxanna said...

Tim and I are so sorry for your loss.

Amy Heiman said...

My condolences & prayers to you, Jonathan, and his family.

Anonymous said...

I think the souls of all good people go to a happier place!!
We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

joyfullgrrrl said...

oh my guys...we are so saddened and sorry to hear this. you are right, she will be watching whereveer she is and that will bring some peace to you all in time. much love to you all!!

heather and laurie (& zane and layla)

Elizabeth said...

Guys, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Kurt & I will both be thinking of you & the kids. Take care & let us know if you need anything.

Retainer Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

Dark Fury said...

So sorry for your loss. Take care & let me know if you need anything.