13 November 2008


Jonathan and I close on Glenbogle house and celebrate our tenth anniversary!

So I may not be posting very regularly in the days to come (not that I have been posting regularly, but whatevs) because we will be moving and when I do manage to post it will probably be "house house house bladdy-blah house..."

Wait. So we have "Grey's Anatomy" on even though I've missed a bunch of episodes and WTF? Why is Denny on again? Were ratings slipping that badly? I mean, he is hot, but he is dead. And he has obviously had a haircut in the afterlife. And doesn't he care that Izzy is sleeping with Alex again?

Lame. Lamelamelame.

Why is the new redheaded doctor-guy always making a face like Zoolander?

Why are the interns secretly practicing IVs on each other? Mary, Jonathan's sister learned how to do IVs in nursing school so how come these surgical interns cannot do them by now? And why is it so taboo that they practice on one another? I thought Mary told me that she and her fellow nursing students practiced on each other--that it is the best way to learn. So why are these interns hiding in some dark closet to practice IVs?


joyfullgrrrl said...

because i learned the very very very very hard way that giving an IV is not just a medical thing, but a frigging miracle. in the hospital 4.5 days and had to have 3, yes THREE of the dang gone things. grey's may only be TV, but reading your blog gave me a little PTSD ;-)

congrats on the house!!!! congrats on the anni!!!!! and i love the little ones bangs :-) :-)

Retainer Girl said...

Congrats on your closoing!

Do not speak ill of KEVIN McKIDD, hottie Scottish McDoctor. Adrienne and I may challenge you to a catwalk-off.

Anonymous said...

you are right on the ball!! Starting IV's was learned in school and during clinicals. All those doctors would have had plenty of hands on experience before residency. I'm so happy about your new home. I'm sure you will have a great time making it your own. And you will NEVER be bored. Love Mary