16 November 2008

finally ... snow!

When I woke up yesterday morning, Lion was playing in his room. He was about to wake Blue up (Blue, I playing in my room! Blue? Blue, I playing, Blue! Blue? Blue, I playing in my room!) so I went in and sat with him and we talked quietly for a bit and then we happened to notice that it was snowing outside! So we ran in to wake Daddy up and show him the snow. And Blue came staggering in all half-awake and we showed her the snow. We were so excited because snow is one of the main reasons we moved to Colorado and this was the first real snow we've had! (It all melted by midafternoon so I'm sure that part about "real snow" will crack me up one day..)

So after breakfast, we bundled the kids up into their winter coats and snowboots (thank you, Grammy!) and went for a walk with Mabel:

Mabel playing in the snow

close-up of Jonathan

close-up of Mabel

Lion, deciding he was cold and ready to head inside

Blue, also feeling pretty cold

grumpy Lion


Kristen said...

finally?!? I hate to tell you, but come April, you might just agree with me that 6 months of snow and ice is just too much. (if CO is like UT)

But enjoy it while it's still a novelty! :)

Elizabeth said...

Cute, cute pictures! Snow is awesome! (At least to a Southern girl who hardly ever gets to enjoy it.) Hope you guys are doing ok with the move.

Roxanna said...

Too Cute