01 December 2008

recuperating ... slowly ... oh, so slowly

I mean me, not my dear stepbrother, Brian. Brian, by all accounts, is recovering magnificently! He may not need any follow-up treatment to the removal of his tumor except for an MRI every few months to check his beautiful head for any future changes. But other than that, AWESOME! No radiation, no chemo, just lovely Brian and his amazing brain.

I meant that I am recuperating slowly. Grrr. Oh, so freakin' slowly.

WARNING: This entire post is about myself and is extremely self-pitying. Just sayin.'

Last week has been horrible. I woke up in the night last Monday -- well, more like 4am on Tuesday morning, Tuesday being Moving Day, to hover over our bathroom toilet and do some sad business.

So all of moving day passed in a blur for me -- of lying on a pile of pillows and comforters in Blue's room, shivering and dragging myself to a toilet to vomit. Or some other thing. I had a horrible fever and was very weak. Poor Jonathan helped the movers and watched the kids and monitored my sorry state, all by himself. That night, he had gotten most of our things stowed in Glenbogle house and then came back to the apartment to pick up his wretched wife. I don't remember much of that ride, just that I was so cold and that I was clenching my teeth the entire time that I didn't throw up all over myself. Or worse.

Jonathan cooked us all a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, after unpacking for 2 days straight. I managed to sit with the others and even eat some mashed potatoes and stuffing. My husband is the greatest, by the way.

So now, fast forward to today, through one of the longest weeks of my life it seems. I am still not quite right. I am still pretty weak and don't have much of an appetite -- and I have a sour stomach all day and outright nausea after eating. And then there is the hate-hate relationship with my toilet. My mom thinks I have the norovirus. Me being prone to drama, I have been convinced I have Crohn's disease or an ulcer or appendicitis or something more horrible and probably fatal. Whatever I have, I just thank God the rest of the family has been spared.


Kristen said...

ack! I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. We had a Norovirus outbreak at my kids' school and everyone in my family got it besides me. IT WAS MISERABLE!!

Hope you are fully recovered soon!

Kelli said...

i hope you feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

:( I don't even know what to say except drink lots of water...but, of course, you know that. So, just hang in there. This week will be better :)

Roxanna said...

That sucks... I hope that you feel better soon

Valarie said...

For feeling so crappy you were pretty funny in your delivery. Sounds like a rough time and bad timing!

Hope you return to normal soon.

(btw, I have been reading your blog for a while. I know (Colin &) Penny the sister of Tom, of Tom & Alison. Just so you know.)

Anonymous said...

So sorry you were on the side of much illness, but the picture you posted is just toooo flippin' funny!!
Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Amy Heiman said...

That sounds horrible! I hope that you are better soon.

The picture was great. :)

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear that you are feeling awful. Hope things were better today. It's good to hear that your brother is recovering well.

Sure did miss reading your adventures with the new house while you were away. Glad to have you back again!

girlysmack said...

Thanks everybody, I feel very loved -- and popular!

And much MUCH better, thank God!