05 December 2008


So we have been super busy here at Glenbogle house. I am back on my feet at last, after over a week of illnesses. And I am most eager to help my poor husband with renovating our new home. I am also officially freaking out about Christmas because what with the two moves and being so sick I am seriously behind on shopping, organizing, decorating, Everything. But that is another story.

We had basic beige carpeting installed in the upstairs the day before we moved in. Then Jonathan and the movers put all of our bedroom and office furniture in the upstairs and the rest of our furniture in either the sunroom or the garage, since the entire downstairs had no floor. Or at least, had a painted subfloor.

This week we had pergo installed in the downstairs. It looks awesome. It is a dark wood, very dark brown, like coffee, and it has been completely dusty and dirty ever since installation. Because the dude was here installing it all week, so sawdust everywhere.

And Jonny has been sanding the kitchen cabinets so we can prime them -- so more dust.

And today our new (gorgeous) kitchen countertop was installed so yet more sawdust. I cannot wait to clean them up and unearth them in all their glory, but the dude is coming back to put some of the baseboards on on Monday, so I may just wait a little while longer.

We call the flooring contractor "the dude" because we never did catch his name until the final day of installation this week. You know how once you don't get someone's name and time passes it starts to become way too late to ask them for their name? I have been watching a lot of Love Actually this week so the line where Hugh Grant asks Natalie to tell him about herself ("I'm starting to feel ... uncomfortable about us working so closely every day and me knowing so little about you; it seems elitist and wrong") has been running through my head with much significance.

Now we know his name (it's Brandon) but we still call him "the dude" out of habit.

He finished the pergo installation and even under the dust and debris everyone (all contractors) who has been to the house and seen it has commented on it, saying how gorgeous it looks. Our cable/phone hooker-upper guy even took a small piece home with him to show his wife. So that is nice.

I would post some photos, but Jonathan is being secretive. He doesn't want anyone to see any during pictures so that when we post the after photos, everyone will be totally blown away by the beauty of Glenbogle house. But I am not that patient, so photos will be posted soon, most likely!

Tonight I primed the bottom cabinets. We are painting the cabinets a pretty, deep turquoise color. The inspiration for the entire house (well, the downstairs, at least) is the fabric I used to upholster the kitchen chairs
which so far really seems to suit our retro house.

My mom is coming out to visit for Christmas and I cannot wait to see what she thinks. Because she saw the house in all of its smelly, shag-carpeted glory. Good times.

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