23 December 2008

random question

Can anyone recommend an incredibly moisturizing moisturizer? The air is so dry out here that I need some major help!

So far I have tried:

Aveeno Ultra Calming Night Cream

which was nice but wasn't exactly what I need, as I need something I can apply day and night. And I'm not sure if I need "calming" cream so much as a dewy, softening cream.

Since then I keep buying:
Garnier Nutrisse Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture Cream

which sounded extremely promising and exactly like what I need, but I don't know... it smells very pretty and doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my face, but I spackle the stuff on and my face looks dull and dry within a few minutes. So not really the results I am hoping for.

I want dewy, soft skin like Mandy Moore. So, help! Tell me what to buy.


Olivia said...

I am super happy with some of the Dermelogica stuff I have gotten from work. I feel like my skin shines when I use it. They have a specific line for dry/combination skin that I love. It can be pricey but a little goes a long way. Check on line to see what spa or dermatologist carries it near you. :)

Retainer Girl said...

Um, I'm kind of offended you didn't e-mail me directly about this. :D

Where's Weber said...

This might sound ridiculous but i use organic coconut oil. You know me...trying to be natural and trying to be cheap. It works though

joyfullgrrrl said...

nuetrogena (or however you spell that) has an AWESOME hand cream i live by. and it sounds dorky, bu slather your hands and wear gloves to bed. you will be happily surprised in the morning!

Valarie said...

I use and LOVE Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel. It is pricey at $30 a jar, but a little dab goes a long way. It is a gel and not a lotion so it is not greasy or heavy. It seems to work really well. And, I think you can just go online to marykay.com and it will find a rep and you can order directly from the computer. Even on my itty bitty budget I will always buy this product. I am sure you can get a free sample from a rep.

Tina Rowley said...

I am the dryest-faced lady who ever crumbled over the earth. I tell you this:

Cetaphil. The cream, not the lotion.

And I say Eucerin. The anything.

Also for emergency overnight use: Aquaphor.

And be not shocked when I say Crisco. A dermatologist of yore told me so, and it's true. It's just vegetable oil.

These are good if your face is also sensitive as well as dry, like mine is. If your face is dry and insensitive, you can go experimentally nuts in ways I can't imagine. You can't really screw yourself over.

I am ferociously in this battle right now, so I salute the struggle.

Also: (doi) water, lots, drinking, and also eat some avocados.

I hope the Olay things rock your face, in the meanwhile.