24 December 2008

she's here!

My mom's flight finally landed in Colorado Springs at half past 2 in the morning. So she and Jonny got here around 4:30 am, after a pit stop at 711 for (get this) jalapeno taquitos at 4 am.

So she is here. And taking a nap. And then we are going out to a couple of stores with the kids (who are so excited to see their Grandma) and tonight we are making fettuccine alfredo and caprese salad.

I just watched "The Holiday" the other night with Jonathan.

In the movie Kate Winslet and Jack Black have fettuccine on Christmas Eve and I guess I liked the idea because I went out and bought all the ingredients ("all" meaning all three: the cream, the butter and a block of Parmesan) and didn't even realize I was copying the movie until Jonathan pointed it out to me.

I have to agree with Olivia's assessment of "The Holiday." Jude Law and Cameron Diaz are so lame. Pretty, but completely unnecessary. The movie would have been so much better without them in it, but they are pretty and I guess drew in more moviegoers. So the movie is pretty flat. But I just love Jack Black. He is so flippin' funny.


Olivia said...

Yay! I am so glad that your mom made it safely. :)

The Holiday: I just fast forward Cameron Diaz speaking parts in that movie and focus on the beautiful English country side.

Merry Christmas Youngs!

I miss you.

Lesley Jones said...

Tell Mom I said HI!