30 January 2009


My birthday is next month. Approximately nineteen shopping days left til I turn the big 3-4. As much as this number is kinda freaking me out, I am really looking forward to the day itself. Jonathan's parents will be here (they arrive on Valentine's Day and are staying for two weeks) so we may be able to sneak off for dinner and a movie. And I am just craving alone-time with my Boy.

I am going to make my own birthday cake this year. I want to try a Tres Leches cake. I have never had one, but I keep finding myself reading recipes for them online and drooling all over the keyboard. Here are some pictures:

Anyway. I need to make it a couple of days in advance and let it soak in the fridge. God, how delicious does that sound? I'm drooling again...

I am missing my friends very badly. Last year, Olivia and Katherine arranged an awesome surprise day for me. They showed up and blindfolded me and brought me to an adorable, pink teahouse downtown where the DWAFS were waiting, en masse, to sup with us. Did I blog about this last year? And about the outrageous hats we all wore? Well, here are some pictures of that as well:

I have the best friends ever!


Retainer Girl said...

That day is one of my favorite days ever. (But it was Olivia who planned the whole thing; I was just along for the ride.)

We miss you very much too. August seems quite far away.

Olivia said...

OMG! We are such goobers! I have not seen all of these pics before. I adore the one of Roxanna aka Holly Hobbie and Jennifer aka Largest Brown Eyes EVER! My favorite of course is you in your very pink hat that is so very you. God, I miss you and wish I could be there for your birthday. Eat lots of that cake for me!

Roxanna said...

Sorry guys that it took me almost a year to get these out .... I am lame I know haha