29 January 2009

slip sliding away

I am fighting off a cold, I think. Drinking lots of Emergen-C and trying to sleep a lot. And watching lots of Rod Blagojevich on the news. Oh, how I wish that man would just go quietly into the dark night. Go away, Governor Bladdy-Blah. Just. Go. Away. I am so tired of your droning voice and your big fluffy eighties hair.

I fell down the stairs again. That's twice in three weeks. Possibly two of maybe three times in my life of falling down the stairs. So my back and my forearms have big ugly bruises on them and I am afraid people will think my husband (my husband who won't even kill a spider, who will instead round it up and carry it outside) is abusing me. Because I am so black and blue. And because who falls down the stairs twice in one month, for God's sake?

I was actually looking up symptoms of MS the other night. Jonathan, although much used to my imagining myself to be fatally ill, was laughing at me. I know it's silly. But seriously, people, why do I keep falling down? And why do symptoms of such serious diseases like MS have to be so vague? I think I have every symptom.

The next morning, I slipped and fell in the shower. I wish I were making this up. So now I have a bruise across my butt, too. Lovely.

Jonathan wonders if it is from all this working out. Although I didn't go this week since I think I have a cold and just want to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head. But he wonders if I am a bit sore and therefore moving differently. Which is most likely it. That and the new pergo flooring on our stairs. And the fact that showers can be slippery places. sigh

But I haven't felt like blogging lately. I am mostly reading everyone else's blogs and thinking how much more interesting their lives are than mine.


Kristen said...

well, I know falling down the stairs twice in a short amount of time is much more interesting than my life. :)
And I really hope you don't have MS.

Anonymous said...

Symbolically falling down and falling down stairs represent your need to work through and old issue or situation. Falling also usually occurs when someone has started some new path in life (ding ding!) and is unsure of the dicisions they are making....

Sarah said...

You're also in a new environment having not been in the house too long. Try putting a runner on the stairs and a mat in the bathtub to help make them less slippery. I fell down the stairs in my old house all to often. So, I am glad we now live in a rambler.

I have been checking your blog daily for updates b/c your life is always more interesting than mine. Missed you!

Jenn M said...

Maybe it is because you have a cold and your stuffy, so maybe your balance is off? Could be an ear infection too!

Olivia said...

Good Lord Erin!!! I guess I will just have to fly out there soon and give you a massage for all of your sore, tired and bruised muscles. Cause you know I can do that now since I have a brand new swanky job. ;)

Try to take care of yourself and look over Elisa's response.... her advice helped me when I fell down that huge flight of stairs at 409 Amelia. Laundry basket in tow. It sucked so I feel you.

Miss you!

Retainer Girl said...

You're a klutz, like me. Welcome to the club. I'm president, but you can be VP. :D

Love the photo of Glenbogle; it looks gorgeous!

Roxanna said...

You poor thing... I hope you feel better soon