23 January 2009

Bust magazine

My latest issue arrived today. My lovely husband is flipping angrily through it on the other couch while I surf my favorite blogs. He is pissed. But he makes a good point.

There is an article on one of the first pages about the horrible, sexist superbowl commercials full of scantily-clad women and how you can judge the commercials for yourself during the game next month and whom you can file a complaint with if you are offended... "I am flipping through this magazine, and it is just full of scantily clad women!" he complained. "I mean, what's the difference?"

"If women show pictures of other scantily clad women, it's okay," I told him, "but when men do it, it is objectifying women. Or something."

"Oh, please!" he snapped. "That doesn't make any sense... It's okay for women to do it..." Then he muttered, still flipping through the pages, "If I have to look at one more vagina..."


Olivia said...


joyfullgrrrl said...

i so didn't know they showed vag in bust. can't say it surprises me though.

after busting our little man touching his penis for like the 100th time the other day he tried to say his sister touches herself and i said "i seriously doubt that your sister is touching her vagina" and he got all puffed up and said "yes she is. she is, wait, um mom, what's a vagina?". laurie nearly crapped her pants. i don't think i can be the kind of mom to say pee-pee or who-who. nope, not in me.