15 January 2009

doors and entries

No, I have not been too busy playing pool to sit down and blog. I have been too busy painting the kids' bathroom. I know, I know. Post pictures. And I will, I will. Once a room is actually finished. Which may never happen, but that is part of the incentive for me to finish a room. Because everywhere I look, I see projects (mostly involving a paintbrush) that need to be finished.

I am almost finished with the bathroom. But the door and doortrim need several coats of white paint to cover the dark brown wood. Which is such boring work and will go completely unnoticed by anyone in the bathroom, I am sure. I mean, when is the last time someone complimented someone on their nicely painted white trim or white doors?

This house has a billion doors. And they are all dark brown. Except for two or three of them that are various shades of white, from various coats of primer that I have been laboriously applying. sigh

Good news on the homefront. Blue has been accepted to the elementary school of our choice. So next week I take her to officially register her and she will begin kindergarten there in the fall. I cannot believe she will be starting elementary school next year. I cannot believe we got her into the school. In Virginia, you go to school where you are told. Right? But in Colorado, you can choose to send your child wherever you want, if they have space. So this school we chose is about 10 blocks away but somehow in a different school district. But, whatever, she's in. And I am so excited!

And sort-of blue. I miss my family and friends so much. And as if buying Glenbogle house were not permanent enough, I am enrolling Blue in a school here. My children will go to school here. We really are here to stay.


Elisa said...

We miss you too. Growing is never easy but it makes us better in the end.

Retainer Girl said...

Painting blows. And swallows.

Olivia said...

Wow, Ms. Sadie is growing up sooo fast. :/ I new that I would miss you and Jonathan because we have been friends for so long but I had no idea how MUCH I would miss Sadie and Jack. I now realize that they are just the littlest of perons that I call friends.
Miss you!!

Olivia said...

*persons* not perons. der!