10 January 2009

I'm a player

Jonathan and I bought a pooltable today! It was a really good deal and we have always wanted one. We have talked about getting one and putting it in every basement we've had. I think no one believed us anymore.

So we saw one for a really great deal on craigslist and we have this big empty space off our family room so... Perfect solution. Now we have a gorgeous pooltable behind our couch in the big empty space and Jonny and I played pool all day. And night. And I am really bad at it, but it is so much fun! And I think that Boston may be the best pool-playing music ever.


Elisa said...

YAY. I love pool. Your kids will be the envy of all the kids because when I was growing up we only hung out at the places with pooltables... ok not really, but we wished we had. Journey is really good too.

Where's Weber said...


Olivia said...

Don't hate the player. Hate the game. Fo rizzle!

P.S Bon Jovi is excellent pool music as well. :D