01 February 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 2

Jonny and I just watched the superbowl. We had recorded it because I was out with the Lion and missed the beginning. And because we had to pause it many many many times to referee the kids.

We usually referee by trying to determine which child is the culprit (not easy to do) and putting the assumed culprit in the corner. Until he or she calms down. And then we discuss what happened, have the accused apologize and we kiss and hug and call it solved. But sometimes I just do not feel up to the task of trying to figure out who hit whom first and whether it was intentional or accidental and so sometimes I just make them hug and say they are sorry to each other and skip the whole time out bit. And I was delighted to see that the Gosselins do this too on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Granted, they have 6 toddlers and I only have two, but whatever.

In addition to our regular meals today I set out some plates of fruit and veggies and chips and salsa and some dips in the family room. Super bowl snacks. I let the kids load up their little plates and sit on the hearth to eat. They loved this! I cannot believe how much food they consumed. But since at least half of it was veggies and there was spinach in one of the dips, I am not too concerned.

And they had a blast with the 3D glasses Wal-Mart was handing out the other day for the 3D superbowl commercials.

We don't watch football. Just the superbowl, and then usually just for the commercials. But I really got into this one. I really wanted the Cardinals to win. So of course they lost. And the commercials were pretty lame this year, too, so I am wondering why I bothered to spend half of my day in front of the television.

And I feel like crap because I ate waaaaaay too many chips. And I have bodypump in the morning. sigh

Nablopomo Day 2 summation:
wanted the Cardinals to win
want to sleep in tomorrow and avoid any and all bodypumping


Elisa said...

The commercials were bad except for in the last 15-20 minutes... BOO!!! But it was a good game :)

Jenn M said...

Aww.. my mom used to make my sister and I sit on the couch until we could apologize to each other "and mean it" and hug and kiss. We still fight, but really we make up easy too!

joyfullgrrrl said...

ahhhh, and just think those behaviors last well into the teen years! at least we have two children and not just one yelling "stop hitting me" to no-on since they would be an older child. that's a sign of a MUCH bigger problem!!

and color me stupid but what does NaBloPoMo stand for? i'm stumped!

joyfullgrrrl said...

ok by no-on i meant "no one" and by older i meant "only". wow, i must be sicker then i thought!

Anonymous said...

National Blog Posting Month? Maybe? That's my best guess.

girlysmack said...

Right you are, Jonny. Right you are.