03 February 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 3

It has been very warm here in Colorado. Which is cracking me up since there has been such freaky icy cold weather back home lately. The kids played in the backyard for a while today, allowing me to get a little bit more painting done.

My mom was surprised when she visited us that Denver isn't really in the mountains. It's true it is the mile-high city and the mountains are very nearby, but Denver is in the prairie really. The sky out here is enormous. Unlike anything I've ever seen. And the ground is a bleached yellow color. I keep telling Jonathan the green will probably be overwhelming when we visit Virginia this summer. I am surprised how much I like the prairie. I would have thought I'd miss the green of Virginia more than I do. But I think the combination of the yellow grass and the blue blue sky is breathtaking.

And then there is the view of the mountains, which I never get tired of looking at. Although some days the sight of the mountains makes me sad, realizing just how far away from home we really are.

NaBloPoMo Day 3 summation:
I want it all. I want to live in Colorado and I want all of my friends and family to move out here with me. Who wants to be first to join me? Anyone? Anyone?


Elisa said...

Montana is as close as I will get...BUT it is much closer, and we will be out in like 3 years...

Olivia said...

Oooo....Ooooo... PICK ME! PICK ME!!