26 April 2009


Jonathan left this morning for Virginia. We are finally evicting our tenant in Richmond.

Sigh. So he will be gone for a week. And I already miss him terribly. I am a bit codependent, I'm afraid.

Okay, that's bullshit. I am completely codependent!

So the kids and I got up at 4 am to drive him to the airport. And I was amazed at how well-behaved they were! They just got up, stumbled out to the car and didn't cry or complain. Such good kids.

Blue took a long nap today, but the Lion would have none of it. So, as a result, I got no nap either.

The highlights of my first day alone:

  • the kids both somehow got multiple splinters in their hands playing outside this morning so I spent a good half-hour tonight struggling to remain cheerful while torturing them with my tweezers
  • Blue accidentally locked herself in the bathroom tonight (with Mabel) and had a nervous breakdown trying to tear the door off its hinges
  • she scared the crap out of me because I was downstairs and it sounded like someone trying to break the front door open
  • and I couldn't find the little "key" thingamabob and a bobby pin wouldn't work so I had to use hostage-negotiator skills to calm her down and explain to her how to unlock the door
  • it rained all afternoon and it is still raining
  • I waited and waited for the rain to ease up since I had to bring the trash out tonight, and then finally gave in and dragged the trash out anyway since I don't want to be out there all alone too late at night
  • and I got soaked
  • and I stepped on the biggest, fattest, squishiest worm I've ever seen while on the patio getting the trash cans and probably woke up the entire neighborhood with my super-sonic "Ewwwwwwwwwww!"


Kristen said...

ah, I hate when my husband is out of town. I will be sending happy thoughts your way! Hope tomorrow goes more smoothly for you!

joyfullgrrrl said...

great big hugs and happy thoughts you were! being codependent isn't so bad ;) i totally feel lost without laurie too! hope the rest of the week is a little less eventfull :-)

Kelli said...

i am with you... i HATE it when Brent is out of town. i hope the week goes well and the kids are agreeable. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Your father-in-law was away about 65% of Jonathan and Mary's toddler/primary school lives. It never gets easier, and you never like it, BUT you will get through this. Already, Jonathan is missing you and the children. After his back breaking week here, he'll probably never leave again. It's great having him here, but we miss ALL of you. Love, Susan xo