23 April 2009

the children's garden

Yesterday we planted the children's garden in the back yard in honor of Earth Day. Here's a picture of the area when we bought the house:

It had three tall rose bushes and some random weeds. We moved the rose bushes into the front, where there were already some rose bushes and this is what the area looked like a few weeks ago:

So yesterday Jonathan tilled the soil and added several bags of topsoil and manure. We went to Lowes and Wal-Mart and picked out some plants. Because the seeds we planted never sprouted. Well, Lion's morning glories grew like crazy but none of the others did. So we bought Blue some daisies since her daisy seeds were duds. And Jonathan bought me a hydrangea to plant in the center of the garden. (I have always wanted a hydrangea!) And I picked out some purple petunias and some little white daisy-like flowers to fill in the edges. And then (just because we love making pico de gallo) we got two cilantro plants just for fun!

Jonathan and I planted the flowers (and herbs) with help from the kids. We put Lion's morning glories in the corner so they can grow up the post for the deck.

Then Blue and the Lion helped me water everything. They are very good gardeners. Their main job will be to help me water the garden every morning. And to keep Mabel out of the garden.

So here is the children's garden now:

Notice Mabel lurking around? We put a little bunny statue in there to stand guard. But it doesn't seem to be doing its job.


Quinn said...

It's looking good Erin!


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Olivia said...

I want a garden!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you four (plus Mabel) are 'planted' in your home. Well done.