31 May 2009

busy bee

I have been busy lately. So my blog has been sadly neglected.

We are still trying to finish painting the entire exterior of the house. So whenever it isn't too hot we are outside painting. And I am painting the ceiling in the family room. Which was a nasty stained brownish color. Blech. And I suddenly decided to paint a Finding Nemo mural in Lion's room so there is that project as well. I think all of my shirts are paint-spattered. And my jeans. And my hands. And my face. Sigh.

I could have blogged last night. Jonathan and I sat down to rest (he has been landscaping and working in the yard while I paint indoors) and put up our feet. But we had just gotten "North and South" from Netflix so we spent the evening watching that. I cannot believe I watched it more than once as a kid. The script is just so bad. We just kept looking at each other and giggling.

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Amy W said...

You didn't tell me you had a blog!!