01 June 2009

summer activities

I am thinking of enrolling the kids in some summer activities to break up the days. Now that Blue is finished with preschool and ballet will be wrapping up soon as well, the days are very long. With lots of fighting. They can't help it. They are just around each other too much and getting on each other's nerves.

And it will just be for the summer. Because Blue starts kindergarten in the fall and the
Lion will start preschool -- if I can get the kid to poop in the potty. Do I sound like a broken record? Because I feel like one. Do people say "broken record" anymore? Would a kid even know what that means? Maybe I should say "skipping CD" instead. You know. Change things up a bit.

Anyway. They will (hopefully) both be in school in the fall. And we will continue with swimming and Blue will start ballet again. And also I have realized she will be old enough to start Girl Scouts in the fall and I get all teary and nostalgic about that so of course I will stick her in that as well.

Digressing. Here I am on Thinking Day when I was a Brownie. Back in the day:
Our troop was representing Holland. See the hats? And my shiny disco blouse? Seriously, Mom, what is up with my shiny disco blouse?

Anyway. Back to the point. I don't want to turn into one of those "Mom Taxis" but I also don't want to strangle my children this summer, either. And once they are older I will be working and unable to chauffeur them to various activities. So if it's to be, it must be now.

So. They will both continue with their swim lessons this summer.

And I am looking at signing them both up for soccer and putting Blue in an hour and a half cheerleading/gymnastics class. I know, I know. I would rather she get into sports than cheering, but there is not that much available to children her age. Physical, that is. There are all kinds of art and cooking classes, but I want them to run around and work off some of their energy. She already does dance and swimming. Add soccer and there really isn't much else. So cheerleading/gymnastics it is. Jonathan and I think she will love it.

I know she will love the soccer. She kicks the ball around the back yard with Jonathan at night. And it is so funny. Because to even the score, Jonathan plays with his eyes closed. And barely kicks so he won't kick her in the leg since he can't see. And still he wins half the time! But she is getting good at not touching the ball with her hands and at stopping the ball by putting her foot on top of it. And by "good" I mean she doesn't fall down. Much.


Olivia said...

Man, I wish my mom has enrolled me in a lot of summer activities. Then maybe I wouldn't have been so bored.... and chunky.

Olivia said...


Roxanna said...

I think the kids will have great fun staying busy all summer...

Anonymous said...

Definately keep them active because it builds great life skills like sharing, teamwork and dedication. My mom had all of us signed up for tons of activities and as a result we are all pretty active adults.


Anonymous said...

Good idea, Erin. There were times when I'd be traveling down the road, the kids (and friends)seated in the back of the van, and I'd have to turn around and ask them "Now where are we supposed to be heading?'. Things got crazy following their schedules. But, it was all worth it.
By the way, I can't believe how much Sadie resembles you! Good genes! S xo

Anonymous said...

You are not signing them up for art and cooking classes?????

Olivia, since I'm Erin's mom, would you like me to enroll you in a summer activity???


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was watching the Memorial Day Parade and when the Daisies came by I was thinking about Sadie joining the scouts. They were just so adorable!

Aunt D