02 June 2009

rainy day

It is raining today. So it looks like I am spending another day inside painting! Jonathan's Mom and sister are coming to visit in two weeks so that is giving me a good deadline to wrap up some of these projects.

I am loving living in an older home. It was so neglected and crappy when we bought it. So really anything we do to it is an improvement! I am in a "white" phase right now which is cracking my mother up. I think it is in part because so many of the homes featured in Domino or on Apartment Therapy had white walls and partly because the house was just so dirty when we moved in. But I am painting most of the rooms a creamy white.

Here are some photos of the family room in various stages of white. We ripped out the green carpet before moving all of our stuff in. And had a dark brown pergo floor installed:

First to be painted: the brick fireplace wall and the built-in bookcase and all of the dark brown wainscoting. I painted the inside of the fireplace a flame-resistant, soot-hiding black. Then Jonathan plastered over the ugly peachy-tan stucco walls and I painted them a creamy beige:

Then I painted the brown mantle white and I am currently painting the ceiling a crisp white:

Whether you like so much white or not, it is definitely brightening up the place!

Sometimes I think Jonathan is wondering who the hell I am, since I hated white walls when he met me! But at least, doing such a 180 is teaching me to respect other people's design choices a little more. If people want to paint their walls a dark color or even just a bright one, I can think, "I once liked that look too." And I will probably be painting all over the white walls in Glenbogle house in a couple years (who am I kidding? months) too!


Anonymous said...

That mantle wall is my favorite spot in your house! What a difference from the "before"


Retainer Girl said...

Gurl, Glenbogle House looks so beautiful! I can't believe how much work you and J have put into it. I just have this little bitty condo! You're my heroes.

Olivia said...

How beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

You and your mother with paint...

I think it's lovely and a huge improvement on the "before".