31 December 2009


I am sitting here, watching some lame ghost hunting show with Jonathan, trying not to eat all of the chocolate-covered goldfish crackers he put in my Christmas stocking. (Does he know me, or what?!) And I am trying to decide what my New Year's Resolutions should be.

Clearly, I am going to make my annual I-am-going-to-get-healthy-this-year-and-this-time-I-mean-it! resolution. So other than that general goal, here are my resolutions:

1. To drink more water. What? It's really dry here in Colorado and I refuse to let my skin get all nasty and flaky.

2. To try really, really hard to love everyone. And by everyone I mean everyone. I mean the rude person in the Wal-Mart, that annoying person in my class at school who asks so many questions that he takes up all of the professor's time, everyone.

Wow. That one is a really big one. So maybe I'll just focus on that one and the annual I-am-going-to-get-healthy resolution and I will try to drink more water whenever I think of it. That should be plenty.

Oh! And one more:

3. To blog more often. And maybe I should try to think of something every post that I am grateful for. Because I have much to be grateful for in my life.

So there you have it--my resolutions for 2010. Happy New Year!

Tonight I am grateful for my husband. Who loves me and put up with my being ridiculously cranky tonight and giving him the silent treatment in the car coming home from Target. Who puts the kids to bed almost every single night and reads them all of the very long books I avoid when it's my turn to tuck them in and who reads them with loud, theatrical voices and outrageous John Cleese accents. Who picked out the sweetest things for my Christmas stocking, even though he complained that I am extremely hard to shop for. Who makes sure my humidifier is full and fully functioning at night so I will get better sooner.

Tell me, Gentle Reader, what are you grateful for tonight?


Where's Weber said...

and how you always make me smile!

Kristen said...

grateful that I can get online and realize I am not the only lame gal with absolutely nothing fun to do on New Years! (you have a good excuse being sick and all, though) :)

joyfullgrrrl said...

i am grateful that all four little ones stayed up 'til midnight to ring in the new year (without incident) and we've all gotten to wake up together!

Roxanna said...

I am greatful for the fun loving environment that Tim and I work to have for Lily... We are happy parents and in turn we have a very happy baby.

girlysmack said...

Thanks, Andrea! You make me smile, too! Kristen, we went to bed after the ball fell in New York--even though it was still only 10:00 here!