29 December 2009


I am sick. I think I get sick every winter. Do I? Maybe. Anyway, I am sick now. Luckily for me, Jonathan's parents are still visiting so they are playing with the kids all day and feeding them and putting them to bed and stuff. Which is awesome, because it allows me to sleep.

I am now past the feverish stage and fully enmeshed in the cranky-as-hell stage. I am just so tired of coughing and wheezing and blowing my nose. Tired. Of. It. I barely saw Jonathan's sister and her husband while they were here. I was lying in bed with a fever. Feeling guilty that I wasn't downstairs hanging out with them. A little bit, but mostly just feeling achy and miserable.

His parents leave soon. Tomorrow, maybe? And then God knows how we will get by. Because although I miss the children terribly and feel like I haven't seen them in months, when I am around them they are just so loud that my ears start ringing and I'm like, Get these noisy crazy monsters away from me!

So that should be fun.

Sorry to be so complainy. Merry freakin' Christmas. (Told you I was in the cranky-as-hell stage. You would be, too, trust me.)

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Kristen said...

Get well soon!!! Sorry you've been sick - that stinks. :(