19 January 2010

Embarassing Moment Number 8563

School started again today. For me.

Before leaving for class, I emptied out my backpack from last semester and restocked it with pens and lip gloss and tissues and Motrin etc. etc. I think it is a throwback from lugging around a diaper bag for so long and that lovely feeling of being prepared for any situation. There were some pantyliners in the bottom of the backpack and I sat there staring at them debating how necessary they could possibly be since I never wound up desperately needing one last semester! Finally I tossed them back into the backpack, figuring if I ever did wind up desperately needing one while in class that that moment in my kitchen where I took them out of the backpack would come back to haunt me.


I went to class and then had to go to the bookstore for some clicker-thing my Psych professor is requiring us to have to participate in classroom polls. Some $39 clicker-thing that I am sure I will never need again after this class. Anyway, I pull out my wallet to pay and stuck to my wallet is ... you guessed it ... a pantyliner.



Retainer Girl said...

I feel you. One time at Wawa in front of some hot guys, I dropped my pretty yellow tampon and a pad onto the floor.

I think the time you asked for "black caulk" was worse. Sorry--I couldn't resist bringing that up! =)

Kristen said...

haha - love it.

Roxanna said...

LOL that is funny!

Jenn M said...

hahaha.. black caulk.. now that is funny!

so is the pantyliner :)

and really.. I dont know what is up with these word verifications.. the other day Retainer Girls was queefe and today.. it is Undies..