13 January 2010

bucket lists

I found these lists in an old journal of mine today. Several years ago Jonathan and I wrote down some of our goals in life. I can remember lying in bed beside him, writing as he dictated his list to me, but for the life of me I cannot remember when we did this. I think I remember which apartment we were in, so I am guessing we did this in 2000. Ten years ago. It is interesting which ones we have accomplished in that time and which ones we still have yet to cross off. Maybe now (10 years later) would be a good time to come up with new, revised lists.

Anyway, here is My Bucket List ca. 2000, with the goals I have achieved crossed out:

TO FINISH COLLEGE (I am in school now, so yay, me!)
1. to have children
2. to see:
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • etc.
3. to learn the clarinet
4. to learn the guitar?
5. to learn to sew
6. to make a quilt
7. to perfect my great-great-grandmother Mariah's lemon sponge pie
8. to find a way to stay in shape that I enjoy
9. to learn about photography
10. to write more
11. to be a great cook
12. to call my family & friends more (This one cracks me up--can I have gotten worse in the past ten years? Is that possible?)
13. to see "Les Mis" again
14. to write a book
15. to weigh 125
16. to learn to knit
17. to learn another language
18. to learn about world geography

Some of them I can tell you right off the bat will not be on my new list, such as to learn the clarinet (no idea where that one came from!) and to weigh 125 pounds. Seriously, I would just rather be healthy than focus on an ideal weight. And 125 sounds a bit on the skinny side and pretty impossible to obtain at this point in my life!

And now for Jonathan's Bucket List ca. 2000:

1. to see:
  • Greece
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • the Caribbean
  • Hawaii
  • the Grand Canyon
  • etc.
(his list of places to visit was a bit different from mine since he had already been to much of Europe before we met)
2. to learn the guitar (he is learning now that he got a shiny new guitar for Christmas!)
3. to go skiing
4. to go scuba diving
5. to own a sailboat
6. to take a cooking class
7. to walk more
8. to go snorkeling

It is interesting to me how many of Jonathan's goals are more attainable now that we have moved to Colorado. Like going skiing and walking more. And visiting the Grand Canyon, which is so much closer than before. Very cool. I wonder what things will make his new list...


Kristen said...

I love reading other people's lists. Are you going to post your new ones? :)

Megan said...

Hi Erin. I started reading your blog when I found it on facebook. I kind of feel like I'm stalking, but isn't that really all that FB is?
Anyway...about your list. That's great that you learned how to knit. That's on my list for the future. But I have soo many hobbies that I don't finish and books that I start and don't finish.
So I think my NY resolution is to focus more and actually finish things I start. Down with ADD!
Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your blog! Thought you'd want to know who reads it (:
Megan McCoy

Where's Weber said...

did i give you my clarinet? is that a weird question. it seems like a vague memory. i think i want to do a bucket list

girlysmack said...

Andrea, I totally have your clarinet in our basement if you ever want it back! :) Because I clearly never learned how to play it.

Megan, it is so very cool to know anyone reads my blog! Thanks for telling me.

Kristen, I plan to post new lists as soon as J and I get around to writing ones. Right now all we do is talk about money, so the list would be something along the lines of: "Get out of debt. That is all."

Where's Weber said...

that is so funny to me. ha ha

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Sounds great. I think making a list of goals (big and small) is a great way to see how we progress.