11 January 2010

Happy Holidays

I was in the store this weekend. Walking through displays of pink and red valentine hearts. I suppose I am used to the rapid replacement of all things Christmas with all things Valentine's Day once the holidays are over, but this--this I was unprepared for:

That's right, a display of Easter candy tucked in between all of the hearts and teddy bears.

I am not one of those who complains when I first hear Christmas music, even if it is while I am buying Halloween candy. I don't complain when I see Christmas merchandise in the stores. In fact, I used to get so tired of hearing customers complain when I worked at Borders and would start putting out Christmas books every fall. "Christmas stuff already?!"

I always just ignored them and kept shelving when I really wanted to snap at them: "Yes, Christmas stuff already! What an original observation. And you know what, people will buy it. People will buy it and yet I will also hear 8 billion more grumpy Scrooges just like you say Christmas stuff already?! for the next three months every time they walk past these books that are selling ... so shut up already!"

I never said it. But I wanted to. For three whole months. Every time someone said Christmas stuff already?! But it's only [insert month]!

Some people (like me) enjoy seeing Christmas items filling the stores. Some people (like me) look forward to hearing Christmas music. Some people (like me) enjoy the anticipation.

But I am not ready for it to be over. Jonathan took down our tree yesterday. We are slowly getting the house back to its sterile, non-festive holiday state. But I am not ready for Easter. It feels too soon. I am not ready to get back out there and see other people. I am not over Christmas yet.


Retainer Girl said...

Gurl, I know the feeling. I saw pastel out of the corner of my eye last week at Target, and I thought, "No, it can't be." But it was: Cadbury creme eggs.

Anneli said...

My biggest pet peeve is (and I saw it last week at Target, god) when stores have swimsuits out during this time of year! Jeez. I don't mind early Christmas merchandising, however, as I am a Christmas freak.