19 February 2010

it begins!

I have not had much time to blog this week. My mom is visiting and we have been waaaaay too busy going out to eat and celebrating my birthday and showing each other our farms on farmville for me to sit down and write much.


I had to blog this. Because this is Blog-Worthy.

I turned in our formal application to the adoption agency tonight!

I thought, I'll take Mom up there, it's only about half an hour away, and drop this off and be back in time for dinner. No big deal.

I was wrong. It was a big deal. I am sad that Jonathan was working and couldn't be there to see our name go on the agency's list. But I am so happy my mom was there. And she took some pictures of me. I looked so sloppy and didn't want her to take pictures at the time, but after we got in the car and I got all teary-eyed and shaky and called Jonathan, then --then -- I was so grateful she had taken pictures. Who cares that I was wearing a hoodie and my hair was falling out of my ponytail? I want my son to see those pictures someday.

We drove home through the snow and traffic and when we walked in the door of my house Jonathan was making us a delicious Thai curry dinner. I love my life.


Kerri said...

If there was a "like button" for blogs, I would be hitting it now! =) Yippee!

Praying for you as you "officially" begin your journey of adoption!!!

Anonymous said...

Erin, You've made February such a happy month... we met you in February, we have three birthdays to celebrate, and now this 'official' invitation for a sweet angel to join our families! Susan xo

Sarah said...

Congrats on adopting from South Korea, I was adopted from South Korea as well, but 30 years ago! I have a great family that I love and adore. You are going to be so happy with the addition to your family! Good luck with the adoption process!

girlysmack said...

Sarah, thank you so much for telling me that! I have so many questions for you, but I am not sure if they would be nosy ... like how old you were when you were adopted, where in South Korea you were born, if you have ever been there to visit ... Sorry! I am a bit excited... if we lived near each other I would totally want to meet for coffee so I could find out all about your life! :)

Sarah said...

Sorry, I just remembered that I wrote on your blog, and just found your comment again. Nothing is too personal when it comes to adoption for me. Ask away. But to answer what you wrote, I was born in Seoul, and came here when I was 5 months old. Although it was supposed to be earlier than that, my parents went to the airport to pick me up and they forgot to put me on the plane! So they came home empty handed, cried a lot and waited another month for me. Haven't been there to visit yet...and I do not live in colorado...I live in Southern Cali, so if you're ever in So. Cal, give me a call. Email me! it's Sarah Carrido @ gmail . com (but with no spaces) Look forward to chatting with you.