26 February 2010

he is four

Lion's pirate birthday party was last Sunday. I think all of the kids had a good time. Lion was a little shy. Being the center of attention unnerved him, which is surprising, to say the least. I thought that boy thrived on attention! When it came time to blow out his candle, he made me do it. I did, because everyone was waiting, but I felt a bit silly.

I made little Reeses pirate ship cupcakes instead of a cake.

The dining room, all ready for the party!

a quiet moment with Daddy before the guests arrive

everyone painted little wooden treasure chests and decorated them with stickers

Daddy held the pinata

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy

lighting the candle

refusing to blow out his candle

Lion opened his presents at the party, but he opened the gifts from Jonathan and I after dinner that night. We got him a Bat-Cave with Bat-Man and Robin and a Joker. I don't even know how he knows who Bat-Man is, but that is what he circled in the Toys R Us catalog so that is what we got him!

This picture is my favorite picture from the entire day. I took it at the exact moment when he had torn the wrapping paper and realized his present was the Bat-Cave:

He was just starting to say, "Ohhhhhh, my gosh! Are you kidding me?"

Happy birthday, Little Lion Man! Thanks for an amazing four years...


Anonymous said...

I miss him so much........


Where's Weber said...

that photo is awesome. those ARE the moments

Wink said...

I want an invitation to his 5th birthday party. Especially if his Batman fixation continues.

I want one of those cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

Just Perfect!