04 March 2010

I heart facebook

I spend way too much time on there. But sometimes it pays off. I found two old friends who I have been trying to reconnect with forever. And I am just so happy to be reunited with them. :)

So if I am not blogging regularly and claiming it is because I am busy with parenting or studying for school or even cleaning my house (har-de-har har) please know that I am lying to you. Because I am probably just spending too much time on facebook, harvesting my farmville crops or doing some jobs for my mafia. Anyway. Just thought you should know that.

Thank you for listening to me vent about that woman at the doctor's office. Sigh. I appreciate all of your kind words. And please don't think I am angry at her still or losing sleep over it. It is just such new territory for me, this whole adoption process. I have been asking my friend, Shannon, lots of questions (on facebook, of course!) because she adopted her son last year. And it has been very helpful to get her perspective on things.


Wink said...

i think i need to check into facebook rehab.

Christina said...

i gave up facebook for lent. lol
is your email still the same?

Where's Weber said...

i love facebook. love it! i have no problems loving it.