27 October 2006


Just so nobody reads my last post and sends a social worker to my house, I was joking in my last post about being a dangerously negligent mother. I am an extremely paranoid, protective mother. Yes, it is true the Lion has fallen off of the couch, but he is perfectly fine and I no longer put him on the couch ever. Pinky swear.

I never, ever leave my babies unattended in the bathtub, Lion has no blankets in his crib, our windows are always locked, there are outlet covers on all of our electric sockets, we have a lock on the basement door that is always latched, we do not use walkers, our car seats were properly installed at the fire station, we always cut up grapes and hot dogs before letting Blue eat them, we have a baby gate bolted to the walls at the top of the stairs, Jonathan and I both took an infant CPR class, and I call the pediatrician at the first sign of fever.

So there.

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Anonymous said...

No one who knows you or has ever been to your house can think you are even the slightest bit negligent. If the worst thing that has happened to Jack is that he fell off a couch onto a carpeted floor, I'd say you are doing a fabulous job. About that basement latch, what were you thinking--I couldn't even reach it!!

Aunt D