27 October 2006


I can't wait until this party tomorrow night! Jonathan is going to have the most fabulous contest there, I just know it, so I hope the prize is a good one! As for my costume, I am not going as his sidekick this year. I am going to dress as a Brownie this year. I am determined to look hot at least once a year.

Speaking of looking hot, I found this website, MyHeritage.com, and it is such an ego boost. Check it out! You upload your picture and then it gives you a list of all the celebrities you resemble. Apparently I am hot. Who knew? It kept telling me I resemble Katherine Heigl and Angelina Jolie.

Damn. I should be a model or something, right?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me I was so freakin' hot?! So definitely, definitely check that website out!

On a scary note, the Lion tried to climb up the stairs today! I left him prowling around the living room this morning while I got Blue dressed upstairs. I heard Lion growling and grunting down here so I knew he was okay--not choking on anything or trapped underneath anything. When I started to come back down with Blue, he was up on the third step!

I am the most dangerously negligent mother in the world!

Last week, the Lion fell off the couch. Jonathan and I were ten feet away, in the kitchen and we heard a thump and then Lion started crying. We raced over to get him and Jonathan was appalled when I blurted out: "Damn! That is the third time he has done that! He could get hurt!"

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