07 August 2007

I'm It! I'm It!

Yes! I have finally been tagged by somebody! I finally, finally, at the age of 32, feel like one of the Cool Kids.

Here's the mission I have chosen to accept:

I need to tell you 8 random things you may not know about me.

At the end, I will name some of my fellow bloggers who will then need to list their own 8 things. And then they "tag" other bloggers. This should be tricky because my friends who blog don't know many other bloggers so they may just continue tagging one another ad infinitum...

This is a little hard for me to do because I have already posted my 100 things, so what else could there possibly be about me that no one knows????? But, since I have been so longing to be tagged, I will sincerely try:

1. 10 years ago, I saw a young man get killed. He was punched under the chin and he fell backwards and he hit his head on the street. This man went into a coma and died a few days later. I try not to think about it really but I hate seeing people hit their heads. I am talking about it now because Jonathan and I were sort of talking around it the other night--he was telling me never to watch the movie American History X because he knows I hate scenes in movies where people hit their heads. And ever since that conversation it's been on my mind.

Whew. Sorry to get so heavy there. I'll keep the rest of this post lighter, I promise.

2. I like some really crappy music. But at least I acknowledge that it is crappy and I know I would be embarrassed if anyone caught me rocking out to it. I think it is important to make that distinction.

3. In high school, I was a band geek.

4. When Jonathan isn't home, I sometimes use chopsticks to eat.

5. I saw the movie High School Musical and I really liked it. What? It was cute. And the music is awesome! (Told you--crappy taste in music. And movies, too, apparently.)

6. I love to sing. In the car, in the shower, making dinner... I'm usually singing. When I'm not yelling at the toodlers. Deep down I am a little sad that I am too old for American Idol.

7. I don't really like Yankee Candles. I can never really find a fragrance I like; they are all so strong and cloying. And I get really sick of the smell after burning one for awhile. Well, maybe the vanilla one. That one's okay.

8. I am so excited about Jonathan's best friend, Andy, visiting this fall! I feel a little ridiculous; I mean, he's Jonathan's friend, not mine, after all, but he is so funny and so like Jonathan, and, most importantly, so English.

And now, I tag:

Olivia, Katherine, Adrienne and Roxanna.


Roxanna said...

Can you tag that many people????

girlysmack said...

I just did. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there -
Just wanted to tell you that your Mac-N-Cheese recipe was MORE than a hit at our last family gathering. You R-O-C-K.


Dark Fury said...

I too use chopsticks at home. Stop copying me!

akanksha said...

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