06 February 2008

on my decision to support barack over hillary

I mentioned earlier on my blog that I felt sort of guilty not supporting the first woman to run for president.

I don't feel that way any more. I mean, I need to support the candidate who best represents my opinions on all of the issues. And how phony would it be to vote for her only because she is a woman? I think she is a brilliant, brilliant woman. But I have to support Barack Obama.

And have you heard this guy speak? How could you not support him?

Every time I hear him speak I want to run out into the street and hug all of my fellow Americans. He fills me with that much hope for our country. And I cannot remember the last time I felt that way. Maybe on September 12, 2001?


Olivia said...

He too makes me believe in a better America.

Anonymous said...

I've recently made my decision for him as well. Reminds me of Camelot days.......a lot!


patherine said...

That is exactly how I feel!

Anonymous said...

He makes me proud to be an American again. Go Obama!!!

MissMeeka said...

I completely agree with you, although i am Canadian. I think your right :)

Tina Rowley said...

Word. Word, bird.

Anonymous said...

I am supporting Hillary. She is tough as nails and smart as hell. She may not deliver a speech like Obama, but she has a proven record in the Senate. I can't name one issue that Obama is considered an expert on. I like him, he is a decent and intelligent man. But the issues facing our country are enormous and despite his message of hope and his soaring rhetoric, I just don't see him as being able to deliver. The republicans have proven time and again that if you reach out with an olive branch in Congress you will get your hand chopped off. Obama wants to work with them and says we need to work together to solve the problems of this country. I for one am not interested in any of the solutions that the republicans have articulated, so I see no reason to compromise with them. Hillary is a partisan, and I like that. I think she is a pragmatic realist, which is exactly what we need right now.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would have voted for Hillary today, but unfortunately 50% of the population HATES her (for no good reason, of course), and that makes her too much of a risk for me in the general election. BUT, if she becomes the Dem Nominee, I will support her 100% and do whatever possible to help her win.